hello, URIC ACID, welcome into our bodies! (happy tummy us!)

Sauteed Monggo Sprout with a twist 🙂


togue / monggo sprouts
carrots, thinly sliced (kinda julliened)
CDO spiced ham(microwaved), thinly sliced
salt & pepper

1. heat pan, add butter
2. saute garlic and onion
3. saute carrots
4. add monggo sprouts
5. season with salt and pepper
6. cover for 3 minutes
7. place cabbage
8. add a little water
9. simmer for 2-3 minutes
10. top with spiced ham

mixed corn, carrot, baguio beans =)

nag tiyaga si husband na tanggalin ang earcorns sa isang buong mais para magawa ito. just sautee corn, carrots and baguio beans in butter, add pepper, voila! instant meal! yummy!


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