Our yayaless days are over.

Tita Eva officially restarted today, for work.

I am proud that I was able to survive everything.

I mean everything.

I was a plain housewife for 9 days.

Wakes up in the morning before dad leaves for work.

Do some of the household chores while baby’s sound asleep.

Feeds her once she wakes up.

Administers vitamins.

Gives her a bath.

Play with her.

Let her sleep on my arms.

sleep tight, sweetie. mom's just here.

Carefully gives her a tepid sponge bath everytime the macules of her roseola  itches.

Watches cartoons with her.

Cooks dinner.

Washes her feeding bottles.

Changes her clothes once in a while, same thing goes with her diaper.

Leaves her to her lolo so I can fix myself, too.

Waits until daddy arrives.

It was a very tiring experience.

I kept on crying on the first 2 days, or everytime I gets confuse on what to do first.

My 9 yayaless days made me closer to my baby.

I enjoyed discovering new things about her every day.

I found out that she loves high pitched voice, and she communicates that way, too.

She enjoys to hear me laugh out loud, and she laughs out loud, too.

She gets fussy when her hands gets soiled by her saliva (she’s teething, so she really drools a lot).

She’s enjoying water more.

She likes to hear me recite a prayer instead of singing a lullaby when she’s already sleepy.

cuddle time = play time = love, love, love ♥♥♥

I’m sure she also enjoyed those days that we were alone, together in the house.

Kapag hindi niya ako nakikita, or iba yung may buhat sa kanya, she cries.

Pero basta makita niya ako, she feels secured, and I feel touched.

Now that I’m back to work, I miss her more.

I wish I need not go to the office to work.

I wish I could sip (NOT GULP!) a cup of coffee, again, unlike the way I do everyday.

I wish I could stay late at night, and wake up only if baby is also already awake.

I wish I could always cook dinner earlier (habang hindi pa lumulubog ang araw) for daddy.

I wish I could personally see first-hand all of baby’s developmental milestones.

I wish that all these wishes be granted. J


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