yaya stories and resigning.

Before dozing off last night, husband and I had a very serious talk.

Since Enzo’s yaya has been on leave last Thursday due to heart attack, we are not really sure if she’s gonna come back after her husband is discharged. We have not heard the entire story yet – we don’t know if her husband needs extra care, requiring her to stay at home. If that happens, we’ll be losing a yaya, and nobody’s gonna take care of Enzo.

Having a yaya has always been an issue for us ever since I got pregnant. When Enzo turned one month old, Mylene (my cousin Rommel’s wife) became my baby’s nanny. I already blogged about the reason why she left. She left us 2 days before I came back to work.

Luckily, we were able to find a replacement in 24 hours. Pero we didn’t push through with her. Why? On the day that she’s supposed to report to us, she failed to do so. She texted us, telling that she’ll just report the next day because she’s drunk! What the hell?! A yaya who can’t report to work because she’s drunk?! I told her bluntly that I no longer trust her, and I don’t want to see her, again. Never again!

We were yayaless on my first day of work (August 9, 2010). My mom-in-law filed a leave so she can take good care of my 2 month old baby. Can you imagine how hard was it for us?  Ate Babe (one of my tita-in-law), recommended Ate Eva. Since I was already working thhat day, I’ve let Mama Winnie talked to her. Husband and I were already desperate of having a yaya for Enzo. So we offered the best possible things for her – she’ll work from Mon-Sat, Sunday is automatically a day off for her. She has to arrive at 6AM, before we leave for work, and she’ll go home once we arrive at home, hindi stay in. We offered a minimum pay, plus SSS and Philhealth, lahat sagot namin, hindi deducted sa pay niya. Food, sa amin na din. We did not oblige her to do household chores, because we wanted her to focus on Enzo alone.

Tita Eva has been with us for 7 months now. Seriously, she’s a blessing. She makes sure to take an extra mile for Enzo.

Pero dahil hindi nga kami sure kung babalik pa si Ate Eva, I am already thinking of resigning. I wanted to focus on Enzo (she’s lose weight na since Thursday, 1lb).

I told husband na malaking kawalan yung pay ko sa amin. I can proudly say na among my college classmates, I could be the top earner (except dun sa mga nag abroad), sa mga nag-practice ng profession. Sa batch naman, nasa upper 25% ako ng top earners.

Nag-analyze kami ng mga mawawala. Luho? Sanay kaming mag tighten ng belt. Hindi kami lumaki at pinalaki ng parents na punom-puno ng luho. I know that for a fact.

We did a li’l computation. Our monthly grocery is around 10-12k a month, Enzo’s utilities included. Electric bill is 3.5 – 4k, water bill is 3-5 hundred. Allowance s 5-6k a month. That is already 22.5k. Kayang-kaya ng sweldo ko, may tira pa. Wala ng yaya na babayaran niyan. Plus, kaya pang i-sustain ng sweldo ko yung pang support kina mama ko. Sa sweldo ni daddy, dun kinukuha ang savings, at pang luho. Our luho includes eating out, extra clothes, extra gala.

I am glad na hindi na kailangang magmura ng savings namin (we have a separate savings account), para mapunuan. Both our savings can sustain our needs until next year, honestly.

We are also planning of buying an insurance for Enzo’s school. We’ve already met with agents from SunLife, ManuLife and Grepali Pilipinas. May napili na kami.

After our computation, ayos! Yung sweldo ni daddy, can cater to all our finances, except sa luho. That’d mean a little to no more eating out, and a li’l patience in waiting for  new clothes or shoes, pati na din gala.

I am actually okay with that.

I have daddy’s 100% support on my plan to resign, but he wants us to give Enzo’s nanny the benefit of teh doubt till she comes back. He made me realize that since her husband is sick, she’ll need to work double time to sustain their family’s needs. Everything happens for a reason, and it won’t happen unless God knows we can’t handle it.


My post is going nowhere, no?

That is how mind floats right now.


Buti nalang, wordpress won’t complain about my melodramas.



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