Enzo @ TMC (The Medical City)

At 4PM yesterday, Enzo had a 38.7’C fever, which prompted to me rush her to TMC (The Medical City). I called daddy to inform him of my plans, and he agreed. He immediately called Papa Roy (my father-in-law) so he can drive for us, and Papa Roy in turn, called Mama Winnie (my mother-in-law) so she can accompany me to the hospital.

Enzo fell asleep while I was waiting for Papa Roy to give me a feedback if Mama will be accompanying us. There, I took the opportunity to prepare her things. Just in time, after I zipped her bag, she woke up. I dressed her, and brought her to Papa so I myself can prepare.

Due to inevitable circumstance, Papa Roy can not drive for us pala. He told me that he’ll just call our trusted cab company. I took a super fast shower (which I call ligong pang-construction worker lang), and off we go to TMC.

Enzo was at her best while on the road. She kept on staring at any moving vehicle, and coos for funny sounds. She cries every time the cab will stop, and laughs at people around.

I’m glad that TMC caters to ER / OPD patients promptly. That’s why it’s where we bring our emergency ‘patients’ in the family. (Enzo’s pedia remains to be Dr.F.Gonzales of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital).

The admitting doctor accompanied us at the Pedia section. In less than 5 minutes, a pediatrician checked on her. Took past medical history, present illness, chief complaints and reason for check up.

She ordered for a CBC  with Platelet count (to check for infection, esp if WBC rises), and Dengue NS 1 (a specific blood test for suspected Dengue patient), plus Urinalysis, to check for bacterial infection.

In case bacterial infection is present, antibiotic medications are all we need. In case of viral infection, what I need to do is to boost her resistance more, and protect her of ‘harmful’ elements.

CBC and D-NS 1 obtain blood sample from the patient. I already felt like crying just by the thought of my baby being pricked. A nurse came in and attached a pee bag inside my baby’s diapers. Jokingly, she said, ‘ baka maihi si baby pag-prick, sakto, makakakuha na tayo ng sample, mommy’. I thought her joke was nice. 🙂 When the medtech came, I cuddled Enzo tightly. The prick was made in micro-seconds. Enzo didn’t even cry! (Anyway, she don’t cry during her vaccinations, how could I forget that yesterday?!). She only cried when I restrained both her arms and her lola on her feet. She was crying really hard, staring at my face, begging me to let her go and tell the medtech to stop whatever he’s doing. In 3 minutes, he’s done. No weewee yet, though. TMC Lab releases  results in 1-2 hours. The wait was agonizing. I entertained Enzo by showing her the animals on the hospital’s wallpaper, imitating their sounds, cuddling her, assisting her to walk, and talking to other parents whose son/daughter didn’t seem to have contagious disease (my bad, I know!).

Daddy arrived at 7. He proceeded there after work. Enzo immediately offered both her arms to her dad,m wanting to be carried. She showed him her ‘yayay’, the gauze that wrapped her pricked finger. I know Daddy was about to cry. He never accompanied me inside the doctor’s clinic for Enzo’s vaccine. He just can’t take it.

At around 8:30, the pediatrician approached me and asked if it’s okay to have the Urinalysis done OPD (Out Patient Department), because the results are already out, and it’ll be very inconvenient for us to wait longer. I agreed. I asked for the Urinalysis request and the nurse processed our clearance.

The wait was really agonizing, I swear! When I heard of the doctor’s orders, I almost thought of resigning from work. When the Medtech came and took in Enzo’s blood samples (2 micro vials – 3cc each), I almost drafted my resignation. While waiting for the results, I almost emailed my boss what I’ve drafted.

We arrived home at 11:30PM.

Get well soon, baby, please?


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