Paranoia, et. al.,

Let me share some stuff that we’re currently going through:

1. My cousin Rommel was shot dead last week. See related post here.

2. The husband of Enzo’s yaya had a heart attack, making us ‘yaya-less’ for 5 days now. Good thing he’s already discharged from the ICU, nasa ward na siya.

3. Some nice neighbors of mama who can’t to do anything right broke the entire left mirror of her MB Van. That would approximately cost her a minimum of 5k to have it fixed. She’s just filed a DAMAGE TO PROPERTY case against them.

4. My niece, Bells’s supposed to have her birthday celebration yesterday (original birthday is Mar 2), but due to inevitable events, we decided to postpone it until next week.

5. I decided not to go to work today because Enzo’s sick. She’d been having low grade fever since Saturday, and last night, her temperature went up to 38.1’C.


It was Tita Allen (one of my tita-in-law) who watched over Enzo since Thursday. Good thing husband had been having meetings outside of the office allowing him to go home early since that day. Okay lang sana, but not like this time that she’s sick. Nag-ngingipin si baby, kaya siguro nilalagnat. However, Paracetamol just won’t do it’s work! Hehe. Kapag hindi pa din bumaba after all my Nursing interventions, I plan to rush her to her pedia na.


There. I already texted my boss about my situation and he understands. (Still keeping my fingers crossed).


I hope everything goes well for me, my husband and my baby.

I don’t want her sick.

Paranoia is hitting me hard!


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