PACHAMBS: Maya-Maya in Garlic and Butter

one of husband's pa-chambs!

the story: this happened last september 20, 2010. our menu for the night was sinigang na maya maya. since i will be late, i told husband that i’ll text him the procedures so he can cook ahead. he said yes.

when i arrived home, there was no food at the table. i was already about to freak out when he led me to the kitchen and show me this dish!

in all fairness, it tasted really good and yummy.

haha. mas mahirap pa yung ginawa niya sa pinapagawa ko!

the ingredients:
maya maya

garlic, minced


cooking oil




tomatoes and ampalaya for garnishing

1. marinade maya maya with calamansi, salt and pepper.

2. deep fry.

3. on a separate pan, heat cooking oil and butter.

4. saute garlic until crisp, taking extra care not to burn it.

pour unto fish and garnish with tomatoes and ampalaya.

thanks to my engineer husband, nakatulong ang profession mo sa pag-garnish mo! =)

pachambs means PACHAMBA or PACHAMBANG LUTO. :))


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