Special Leave Privileges: PARENTAL OBLIGATIONS :)

It’s gonna be a super long weekend for me. My ‘new’ boss approved my 2-day VL for tomorrow and on Friday.

Ate Eva (Enzo’s nanny) asked for permission the other night if she can go on half day for tomorrow because it will be her cousin’s funeral (who died last Saturday due to heart attack). It was actually fine, we understand her fully. Besides, papa-in-law and all our titas-in-law can take good care of Enzo while we are at the office.

Daddy can’t be on leave on that day because their company executives will be having their APE (Annual Physical Examination), and he’s in-charge. Told him that I’ll just leave the office earlier, or even go on half day so I can take over Ate Eva. He agreed.

When I told our Payroll Officer about this, she advised me to file for the whole day instead, and use our SPL (Special Privilege Leave), since Parental Obligation is indicated there as a reason. Since I plan to go on leave the following day also, I tried to file for a 2 day VL.



Special Leave Privileges: PARENTAL OBLIGATION (astig!)

Hindi gaya ng dati, na mas nauuna pa ang leaves namin before we ask our boss to sign our leave form, nagulat kami kahapon. In less than an hour, my leave form was signed, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!



Ang saya! =)

So there. I’ll be nanny-ing Enzo the entire morning and will bring her to her Pedia in the afternoon for her wellness check up. On Friday, I have to attend something ‘very important’ in Makati area, will go back to PRC for my license (the PRC issue deserves another post, BTW), and hopefully, visit my dentist.

Ang sarap!

Can’t think of any thing more substantial to post, so here is KAREN ANNE B. RODRIGUEZ, reporting =)


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