a late post (02112011)

Today’s my boss’ last day. She filed her resignation last January 10.

It actually feels weird that I am sad.

I hated her – for so many times.

She made me cry.

She made me wanted to resign.

She made me feel ‘tamad’ to go to work.

She made me wanted to rush my Special Action Notice so I can be transferred to my ‘supposed’ department.

If I were to state the instances to prove the feelings I’ve stated above, it will take me days to finish this article.

Inspite the hatred and anger I’ve towards her, the memories we’ve built is also unforgettable.

We have a lot of love-hate-love super hate-love- super duper hate-love- super duper mega hate days.

However, I must admit I’ve learned a lot from her.

I oftentimes tell my HR friends and my husband that compared to my boss, I am far, far from where she is right now.

Marami pa akong kakaining bigas, para matapatan siya, at malagpasan.

She challenged me so much that I was able to do things beyond what is stated on my contract.

I have learned a lot with regard to HR functions.

That alone helped me broaden my horizon esp in sourcing out for a new employer.

I even get inspired by her ever famous story about her mother , she’d always tell me this – ‘I can see my mom in you, she started as a Company Nurse, receiving this amount of salary, eventually was able to climb the ladder, and she retired as an HR Directress, earning 6 digits for her pay.’ Whoa! She (my mom’s boss retired in late 90’s and 6 digit salary is already huge.

Her entire staff, has a lot of own (nice and not so nice) stories to tell about her J

We will surely miss a lot of her..

~ her sudden shouting and ramblings.

~ her ‘excuse my french’ expression kapag nagmumura siya

~ her super demanding tone if stressed

~ her cravings which lead to a sudden treat for us!

~ her personal car which we use to lunch out, go home, play badminton, and wherever we wish to go – FREE OF CHARGE!

~ her Christmas gifts!

~ her learning sessions on customer service, employee relations, work etiquette, and more!

The entire HR department planned a surprise lunch party with our boss. Check out the pictures below:

BLINFOLDED :A she has no idea where are we gonna take her! we took off the blindfold when we arrived at the venue 🙂

after 30-45 minutes, we finally revealed where we are! Bahay na Tisa - City of Malolos, Bulacan
(L-R) Sen, Jheck, Liza, Moi, Jack, Richard, the boss

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