I AM ACKNOWLEDGING IT: i need help. :(

I need help.
I know I seriously need help.
I’ve been struggling to have my pre-pregnancy weight back for 7 months now.
I was only weighing 120 lbs before I got pregnant. That’s the ideal weight for my height.
On my 4th month of pregnancy, I gained an additional 10lbs, and my OB said it’s okay, and it’s normal.
Due to premature contractions and preterm labor that I had on my 7th month, I was forced to take an early maternity leave, COMPLETE BED REST WITH NO BATHROOM PRIVILEGE (CBR-BRP, for Nurses).
Because of that, I gained an additional 45 lbs! yes, I weighed 175 lbs when I gave birth to Enzo! Everything within me was swollen.

Namanas talaga. Kahit pagligo, I have to use a chair, kasi yung gravity sa katawan ko will pull my baby down, eh 7 months pa nga lang siya non. Ayun.

I gave birth to Enzo last May 30, 2010, baby was only 8 months and 1 week (hindi na talaga makapag hintay na lumabas, mas axecited pa sa amin eh!).

That’s 8 months ago.

Pero I still bear a little of those fats. Kapag inaasar ako ng iba, I would only tell them na BABY FATS yun – or fats after having a baby.

Just last night, I passed by Kisses & Co at Robinson’s Galleria and saw this nice aqua blue top. Since I seldom really like a blouse, I immediately decided to buy it. At the dressing room, guess what happened? I almost tore the top, kasi hindi kasya. Even the biggest size won’t fit.

I really was disappointed. Very.

I already sought hubby’s help. I told him to help me control my cravings. He agreed.

It’s actually hard to control my intake especially at night, kasi it’s the only time that we (hubby and I) eat together, and share each other’s highlights of the day. Bonding, ba.

Pero this time, I am acknowledging it. I know I need help. I have to start losing weight before it’s too late.

Mama is actualy a Nutritionist Dietitian. For some reasons, she never made me a special diet.

Ang alam ko lang, I was really a super skinny child. During college, I was already at my heaviest at 125 lbs. Now, 125 is just a dream.

I’ve started cutting down on my carbo intake. I am a veggie-fruit eater. So I think, I’ve to eat more of those and lessen my carbo.

I also have to start moving – more.

My baby’s fast growing. Ayoko naman atang dumating yung time na kapag naghahabulan na kami, eh, ako pa yung unang aayaw kasi hinhingal na ako.

Hay. Wish me luck.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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