I-date mo naman ako, birthday ko na bukas!

Last Sunday, husband made lambing by telling me one of his famous lines – ‘I-DATE MO NAMAN AKO, BIRTHDAY KO NA BUKAS.’

It may sound so cheesy, but everytime he pleads with this, I feel a different tingling sensation down my spine. Haha!
After I’ve put baby Enzo to sleep (after finishing all the household chores, too!), I made husband a cup of iced coffee (one of our ultimate favorite!), and had the left over pizza re-heated.

This kind of date is one of my most treasured moments with him. We get to talk about everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. may discussions, mostly, healthy ones.

The best part of this date is that it cost us nothing! Not a single centavo! 🙂

During our ‘date’, which by the way happens on our backyard, under the sky, with only the moon as our light(could it be any sweeter?), there will always be re-assurance of our love for each other.

We share each other’s disappointments, frustrations and action plans on working it out.  Husband is a very good conversationalist. He always sees to it that he listens to my every point, no matter how lame it is, and gives his comment back on the way I won’t get offended or more frustrated.

He always views things positively, too. Evertyime, I feel like giving up on something, he always tells me to see the other side of the coin.

Daddy, you’ve got to pay me for saying a lot of nice things, about you! 🙂

Everytime I’ll vent out about my work, he tells me that we should be thankful, because ___% of the Philippine population is jobless.

If I complain about my tax (30% per payday!), he tells me to be glad because that means I have a job.

If I complain about my boss on being demanding sometimes, he tells me to be glad because that means she trusts me to do things and delegates tasks to me.

If I complain about this someone who can’t to move on from her heartbreak, he tells me not to waste my energy on negative people.

He sure have his own complains too.

He tells me those things din naman.

However, he can easily brush those negativities off easily, and I can see that once he tells me he has moved on from one issue, he really does.
Oh well, too much of our date. Sana, weekend na ulit! 🙂


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