on shopping and mall wide sales.

Unlike any other girls, I am not fond of shopping. I actually suck at it. I hate the idea of jumping from one store to another looking for something and then going back to thr store where the best item is. Just thinking of it makes me tired already.
Cute thing is, my husband is actually good at it. He really has the patience in doing the store hopping. He keeps on telling me that I should not always settle for the FIRST nice  thing that I’ll see. I’d get back to him by kidding that he’s the first nice thing that I saw after breaking up with my then boyfriend, and look what happened, we are happily ever after! haha.
I am not fond of clothes, dresses, shoes and bags, too! Dati nga yata talaga akong lalaki! 🙂 When I was pregnant, it was my husband and a cousin-in-law who shopped for all my maternity clothes. Hehe. I just told him what my color preferences are, plus my size, and voila! He was able to buy stuff that I super loved!
As with shoes, he loves to buy me pairs of shoes. As to date, he has already bought me 4 pairs of shoes: 1 Adidas running shoes (for the 10.10.10 fun run), 1 sneakers (an Adidas superstar as an anniversary gift last May), and 2 pairs of Espadrilles (as an advance wedding anniversary gift)! I find it really sweet of him. he’ll only ask me what color do I want, and since he knows what my shoe size is, it’s really easy for him to buy shoes for me.
With bags, I don’t buy bags from department stores. Hehe. if ever somebody offers a bag, and I liked it, I’ll ask permission from him, check our budget and purchase it! haha. That’s how lazy I am in shopping.
The only shopping that I love best is grocery shopping! Oh my! I love to walk through the isles and check meticulously every item that I have on my list. Last Christmas, we were able to do grocery shopping without our list, and we did not miss anything! Promise! Haha.
With clothes, I always believe that I have sufficient stock of clothes that I can survive with. I just do a lot of mix and matches (thanks to our company uniform).
Mall-wide sales are not attractive for me. It always means a crowded mall and super hirap na parking.
When I watched the CONFESSIONS OF SHOPAHOLIC, I really didn’t get to enjoy the movie. Maybe because there really weren’t too much confessions, or I myself is not a shopaholic.
Some girls claim that shopping is a therapy when they are depressed and stressed. For me, going out with friends, or a cup of coffee alone is already a therapy.
Kanya-kanya yan, di ba?!
One more thing, I don’t transact using a credit card. I don’t own one. Husband does, but we’ve only used it when we purchased for major appliance – airconditioning unit, television, electric fans (2), rice cooker. We bought them all in just one day 🙂
Last Christmas also, while standing in line waiting for my turn to pay for the shirt I bought for husband (this happened in Glorietta), a gay infront of me initiated a conversation and it went on like this:

gay: hi, nice shirt, is that for your boyfriend?

karen: husband. (suplada eh! haha)

gay: really. so what card are you using?

karen: i’m paying in cash.

gay: sige na, sige na, ikaw na mayaman!

i was like, WTH is his/her problem?! Haha. Siguro, he/she got so furious with my answer. Eh sa talagang I don’ t shop with cards.
Parang I won’t be able to sleep tight at night ng may utang. 🙂
There! Till next post 🙂


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