nasa office pa ako :(

The time on the right lower part of my monitor says it’s already 05:01, but I am still here (in the office).

I prepared my stuff earlier so I can go home at exactly 5, and I even made sure everything is done. Just as I thought. I was about to pick my bag up when ‘she’ called my name and asked me to photocopy something. Hay!

After photocpying the said document, I gracefully put in ‘her’ table and turned around. Again, she called out my name and told me to prepare a transmittal letter to be sent out to DOTC.

No, I am not complaining. It’s okay, really.


May shuttle pa naman ng 05:30PM.


My only worry is that, traffic jam could already be heavy once we reach EDSA, and the shuttle may not proceed to Market!Market!. If that happens, I’d rather drop by at Daddy’s (my husband) office para sabay na kami uwi.

That is actually sweet.


Ang kaso, kapag sabay kami umuuwi, pagdating ng bahay, wala pa kaming dinner. Though our nanny always asks for what shall she prepare, I am still the one who do the cooking.

That lessens my playtime with Enzo.

Hay. Magsusungit nanaman ang dalaga ko.


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