Our Brief History
We were officially incorporated as a legal entity in 2009 in Thailand. Having proved the business is popular in Thailand Set up the business in Manila in July 2010. We are passionate about empowering consumers online. We are driven to create value for those who care to interact with us. 

Ensogo Philippines

Ensogo Thailand

Our founders have gathered vast experience over the years. We can guarantee that for us to succeed, our consumers (YOU) must always come first. If we are able to create value for you, then we have done something right. Our team is comprised of Asians, Americans and Europeans from different backgrounds.

Our company name was derived from the words Entertain, Social, and Go. We believe in working hard, having fun, sharing, and making a difference. We are a happy bunch, encouraged by others who are positively impacting the world.

Our Goal – “Let’s save together.”
We believe in building a community for consumers to save. We offer local, attractive services and products, at the best value. We work closely with the local businesses to create the best deals in town. We strongly encourage all of you to participate in helping us find the best deals for YOU. 

Our goal is to find unique and interesting things for you to do, see, eat, and buy around your city. We encourage you to try new things, while supporting local businesses and donating to local charities.

Our unique business model is a win-win for everyone because customers get great deals, local businesses gain new customers, charities receive donations, and we get a success fee.

Our Vision
To pioneer social commerce, inspired by social responsibility.
Our Mission
To be a socially responsible Internet company in ASEAN. We use the power of the Internet to bring together consumers who buy exclusive deals from local businesses. We provide a marketplace that creates savings for consumers, new revenues for businesses and donations to charities.
Our Company Values
Support and empower colleagues personally and professionally.
We will do whatever is in the best interest of our colleagues. All we ask for, is their full integrity and to back our values 100%. We encourage them to provide honest feedback, be a role model in society and to help others whenever, however possible. We empower our colleagues to create their own destiny but expect these to be within our value system. Improvements are always welcomed. This inevitably will sometimes also lead to mistakes. As long as these were done in earnest, this is not a problem for us.
Create the best savings for our consumers.
This is what we strive to deliver for our members. We will listen carefully to you for productive enhancements.
Provide excellent customer service.
We highly value customer feedback and will be honest and responsive in our communications.
Promote social responsibility
We put our money where our mouth is. We made a deliberate decision to continuously dedicate revenues and resources to local causes and charities. We encourage all of you to share our vision, mission and values.
Create long lasting partnerships with consumers, businesses, and charities
We can make a difference whilst making a profit. Everybody can be a winner. Positive outcomes for all engaged parties is what we strive to achieve. And we are determined to succeed.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – “Let’s help together”
Ensogo was founded around a moral vision, “Make a profit, while making a difference.” This vision will guide our company and our people throughout the lifespan and evolution of our business. 

Without any hesitation we decided to integrate social responsibility into our business model. Ensogo.com will donate 3% of all our revenues to local charities. Additionally we will host one event per month, where we will donate 100% of our proceeds to charity. Merchants and consumers may also participate.

Facts that motivate us to help:
50% of the global population earn less than $2 per day
30,000 children less than 5 years old die daily from preventable causes
1 billion people lack regular access to clean water
Cancer, Alzheimer, AIDS etc. are all to varying degrees preventable.
Corporate Governance
Corporate governance provides checks and balances between our customers, our board, management, and investors to produce an efficiently functioning and profitable corporation geared to produce long-term value. 

Good corporate governance starts with a solid board of directors. Board responsibilities include: enforcing a corporate philosophy; monitoring, advising, evaluating, compensating, reviewing and approving management’s strategy and business plans; reviewing and approving the company’s financial objectives, ensuring ethical behavior and compliance with laws & regulations, auditing and accounting principles and the company’s own governing documents; assessing its own effectiveness in fulfilling these and other board responsibilities.

go out and try it too! 🙂


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