How’s Your Christmas?

When I was a child, my family only had one vivid memory of Christmas Eve celebration.
Mama works in a hospital, so there are no special non working holidays for them. Papa is a provincial bus driver, Christmas is one of their peak season, so he wouldn’t let the chance pass to earn a little more for us.
We would only gather during new year’s Eve – midnight mass, media noche, then our annual sermon 🙂
2009 was our first Christmas and New Year without Papa. however, my husband was with us during those times.
Since I already have my own family, 2010 is anotehr first for me. I invited mama, my nephew and niece, and my 2 siblings to celebrate the Christmas Eve with us. It was whole lot of fun! Para akong batang naghihintay kay Santa to arrive.
To add more excitement and fun, my in-laws  also celebrated with us! Food was flooding, there were laughters everywhere. There were exchanging of gifts. We packed up at 4AM.
Para kaming wanderers ng husband ko. Since nasa bahay sila mama, at doon may ACU, we let her and teh kids sleep there, only to find out that my brother and my sister were also there! Ang ending? Sa livign room kami natulog! Haha. It was fun though, first time yon 🙂
Mama and the gang went home at 4PM on the 25th. My inlaws also went out to watch a movie (my ppa-in-law’s yearly routine, panata ba!). So finally, we had peace! Sabi nga ni husband, nagkasolohan din kaming tatlo. We took a quick shower and visited Mama E (his aunt), who lives nearby. We went home at 6PM, played a little with Enzo, after she feel asleep, we started cleaning the entire house. Hay langgam! 🙂
December 26 was a Sunday but husband has to go to work for their company’s annual maintenance works. He has to supervise the cleaning, and the repair. I took the chance to stay in our bedroom with Enzo (ACU was turned on the whole day!) haha. There were visitors once in a while, but they were already briefed by mama and papa in law of our previous night’s activity so almost everyone didn’t stay long. Hehe.
We went grocery shopping on the 27th (kakatapos lang ng handaan ng 24, nag grocery nanaman!) for the New Year’s Eve naman. To make our shopping more fun, we both dared ourselves to do the grocery in just an hour, and we should not miss a thing. To make it more enjoyable and challenging, I didn’t bring my list with me. We arrived at SM Megamall at 3:30PM, roamed around a little, entered the grocery at 4:00, and we were already at the texi bay by 4:55! It was a success! hahaha.
We were checking our groceries at home (vs the list that I intended not to bring) and we were so amazzed that we did not miss A THING! promise!
There. That’s how my Christmas Holiday went. How about you?


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